The Art of Living Center
in Los Angeles

An iconic space in the heart of LA

Built in 1907, this majestic building opened as a grand place of prayer and service, boasting a rare pipe organ and what was then the world’s largest concrete poured dome.

Rededicated by the Art of Living Foundation in 2010, it became an urban oasis for Southern California. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the Dome serves as a landmark center for dialogue, peace, cultures, meditation, vedic wisdom and community uplifting.

The building expresses the beauty and emotion of a historic church without the symbolism of one. Groups and individuals of all traditions and denominations feel at home when hosting or attending events.

Built in Gothic style, the entry leads through a narrow vestibule with a vaulted ceiling to the foyer. The inviting space of this large reception area also serves as a destination for off-site meetings and luncheons. Staircases on either side of the foyer lead to the rear of the main auditorium, while two staircases directly ahead lead dramatically under the main hall’s dome.